Shane and Colleen from True North Homes

Creating an innovative business

All collaborations start with a spark. A coming together of two great skill sets that complement and enhance what is possible. That’s how True North Homes was born. Two people with completely different backgrounds and skills, that dove-tailed into a beautiful combination of construction and design.

Shane Yerema and Colleen Jordan are the dynamic duo that is True North Homes. Shane’s skill set is his more than 20 years of renovating homes in Ontario. Colleen brings her talent for design and budgeting to the mix, and together, they recreate older homes that are functional, maintenance free and safe. And they accomplish this while maintaining the original character of the home, with an eye to the demands of modern living.

Colleen’s natural design talents pairs with Shane’s comprehensive building knowledge to create a vision of what’s possible in a home.  True North Homes comes up with creative solutions to highlight the design of the space while staying on budget.

They aren’t afraid to step out of the box and reconfigure a floor plan to allow for better layouts, aesthetics and functionality.

Looking for houses with great bones in popular neighbourhoods in the London area, they’ve done complete renovations to many houses from start to finish: exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and basements. Thoughtful renovations provide the groundwork so that the home fits today’s family without erasing the character of an older home: larger kitchen, main floor bathroom and laundry, more storage and closet space, quality appliances.

But the remodel doesn’t just look good. Its electrical, plumbing and structural requirements are brought to above code so you know with a True North Home, the structure is sound, the layout works and you won’t have to fix anything to move in.

Colleen and Shane have renovated many homes including their own, and now offer the same service to you. If you’ve found a home in the location you love but it is in need of some TLC, True North Homes is your go-to team to turn it from a house into a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Shane Yerema

About Shane Yerema

Originally trained as a general machinist, Shane brings his precision and attention to detail to his renovations. He grew up in a small town and is proud of his small town values: honesty, integrity, hard work. His reputation though, is his most honoured value. Shane knows the end product is what matters most and won’t put his name on anything that doesn’t measure up to his standards.

With a love for older homes, Shane gets fired up on unique projects and brings his considerable talent to bear on the plan. The approach is to bring a house back to its former glory and prestige but with today’s conveniences and modern standards. The end product is a home that maintains its historic character with today’s lifestyle in mind.

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Colleen Jordan

About Colleen Jordan

A physical educator and mother of four very busy children, Colleen had the privilege and task of making design recommendations on her own homes. With her experience of world travel combined with a passion and love of everything unique, many of the details Colleen added to her homes created a one-of-a kind space for her family. Colleen understands first-hand the needs of a busy family as well as fiscal responsibility.

Colleen has an intuitive, natural design sense. Tempered by both budget and structural constraints, she’s able to execute a plan to enhance a home’s inherent, classic features and add elements of contemporary design to take a home to a whole new level.

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