Shane Yerema

Shane Yerema started True North Renovations more than 20 years ago. Growing up in a small town, his family was always involved in renovations. His father owned several rental properties, so Shane developed a keen understanding of how to maintain and manage a property.

After years of being a general machinist, Shane returned to his passion and started True North Renovations. His work ethic along with a love and understanding of older homes drew him to projects where he could develop skills in structural design, drywall, trim and finishing work.

But it’s not just the aesthetic that’s important to Shane. It has to be structurally sound, the plumbing and electrical above code, behind the wall items need to get his stamp of approval before he’s ready to say its complete. Over the years he’s built a team of professionals in plumbing, electrical and other trades to bring to the project.

Shane is proud of his work and brings his skills to bear on his newest venture, True North Homes. Below are samples of complete home renovation projects produced by True North Renovations over the years. To see the transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful home, head over to the before and after remodel page.